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Brainfood Mushrooms are proud to offer a selection of curated premium mycology supplies and laboratory grade mushroom genetics for home or commercial use. Our grow kits are a fun and educational way to learn as well as enjoy the fruits of your hobby. And if you want to discover more we offer various pre-prepared growing mediums, mushroom grow bags and specialized containers will get you growing efficiently.

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Getting the best results growing high quality mushrooms begins with strong genetics. Mushroom mycelium is a living organism. It grows by dividing cells. As with all living creatures, there is a limited number of cell divisions that can occur before the organism grows old, slows down, and then eventually dies. With fungi, this process of degeneration is called senescence. Brainfood carefully maintains our master cultures to retain its strength and purity. 

The next big contributor is the growing conditions. These include: humidity, temperature, air exchange, and the volume, nutrient quality and moisture content of the substrate. Using organic growing materials can also greatly effect the resulting quality and quantity.

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