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The Benefits of Mushrooms

Our company was founded on the belief that the plant world provides gifts to our wellbeing and that they must be studied and ethically shared with the rest of humanity. Organically grown and sustainably harvested, Brainfood Mushroom extracts are a clear choice for your personal health. Our curated products of medicinal mushrooms and blends have been shown to improve focus and clarity, boost your immune system, detoxify and revitalize your body, and improve strength and endurance. We have even created a little questionnaire below to help you find the products that are right for you. 

Mushrooms have become an important part of our lives, once you see and feel the benefits of mushrooms  we are certain that they will be for you too.

Good for:
Immunity Booster,
Great for Heart Health

Good for:
Mental Clarity,
Aids in Digestion

Good for:
Boosts Energy and Endurance, Helps increase Libido

Good for:
Boost energy, Great aid for Digestion

Good for:
Aids in sleeping and stress reduction, Anti-Cancer


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right mushroom

Mushroom Health Benefits

An Introduction from Brainfood

Eastern medicine has embraced the benefits of mushrooms as a cornerstone to wellness. For thousands of years these medicinal mushrooms have been consumed for their health boosting properties. Passed on from generation to generation, this tradition has only recently been examined scientifically.  Studies now show that specific compounds in these ‘functional’ mushrooms explain their powerful health benefits.
Brainfood Mushrooms are all certified organic, sustainably harvested and subjected to specific processes to maximize the bioavailability of these compounds. Only the fruiting body of the mushroom is used and no grains or fillers are used in our products.
Brainfood Mushrooms have curated a specific selection of some of the most powerful and proven fungi for your health and wellness.
Reishi mushrooms are nicknamed ‘The mushroom of immortality’, as they are known for their immune boosting and anti-cancer properties.
Chaga is well known for it strong anti-cancer function due to the compound inotodiol that it contains. It also works on supporting the immune system and helping to reduce chronic inflammation.
Cordyceps are thought to increase our bodies ability to produce a molecule known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). These little atoms help to deliver energy to the muscles.
Beneath the dreadlocked appearance of Lion’s Mane are compounds shown to increase cognitive performance and new research is showing protection against Alzheimer’s disease. Erinacines and hericenones, are two compounds which stimulate the synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF), a protein responsible for the growth and survival of neurons (brain cells).
Shiitake mushrooms contain many chemical compounds that protect your DNA from oxidative damage, which is partly why they’re so beneficial. Shiitakes are also unique for a plant because they contain all eight essential amino acids, along with a type of essential fatty acid called linoleic acid.
These are just a few of the many benefits you can experience with our functional mushroom products. Now you know why Brainfood Mushrooms are so excited to bring these marvelous little macrofunghi to the world. Check out our News page for more information.

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