Sterile Petri Dishes (10 pack / 20 pack)

Sterile petri dishes. Available in 10 or 20 pack 100mm Dia x 15mm Deep, with Lid.

A perfect start for growing your own cultures. Also available in pre-filled.


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Additional Information

100mm Dia x 15mm Deep, with Lid

These sterile petri dishes are ideal for growing out fungal cultures, cloning wild mushroom specimens, and germinating fungal spores. These dishes are also available with pre-poured, pre-sterilized and ready to use agar.

Storage and Usage

Store your unused dishes upside down in the refrigerator (preferred) or in a cold room. It’s best to keep them in their original container to prevent contamination.

It If condensation occurs in the plates means there is a heat source driving out water from the agar, which will dry it out quickly. Plates should be equalized to room temperature before use.