Chaga Mushroom Chunks

The Best of Siberia!

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Organic Chaga Mushroom Chunks in Bulk

Glorious chunks of delicious Chaga, wild and sustainably harvested. Perfect for tea. Drop a couple of the chaga mushroom chunks in to a pot, simmer until the colour of light coffee. Pour yourself a delicious cup and enjoy. Keep refilling the water and reheat. Replace Chaga chunks when the water remains tea colour.

Lauded as the “Medicinal King of Herbs,” raw Chaga chunks supply a host of health benefits and functions as a natural stimulant to keep you thriving every day. Prized by natural healers in Russia and China for thousands of years, Siberian Chaga has only recently become a rising star in health circles in the West, for its immune- and health-boosting properties. Simply pour hot water over 4-5 teaspoons of Chaga chunks, let steep, and enjoy as a tea.

Our Siberian Chaga mushroom come from the forests in the north of Irkutsk region and Khakassia and sometimes in Altai Mountains region at a distance of more than 200km from the nearest town. This ensures ecological cleanness of our Chaga mushroom supplements benefits and its medicinal properties.

Siberian Chaga has the highest concentration of active ingredients of all available Chaga mushrooms. Our Chaga chunks make it possible to buy raw Chaga in as pure a form as you can find, short of harvesting it yourself from Siberian birch forests.




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