Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps Mushrooms | Best Guide of 2021

Cordyceps supplements and products are the talk of the mushroom town these days – and for incredibly good reason. This superfood offers up a myriad of therapeutic benefits, making it a popular choice for anyone looking to boost their overall health and wellbeing. But what exactly are cordyceps, and why is this medicinal mushroom considered among the best of them? Here is a handy guide to help decipher this fascinating fungus. 

What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Cordyceps are part of the fungi kingdom, precisely a genus of ascomycete fungi (also known as “sac fungi”). Of the more than 400 hundred of cordyceps species discovered around the world, only two have become the central focus of the health community – cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps militaris. While there are differences in both types of mushrooms, they share the same bio-active compounds, offering up identical health benefits. 

Used for Centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Cordyceps mushrooms guide

Growing in the high plateaus of Nepal and Tibet, cordyceps have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries. Once available only for the Emperor’s highest court and Chinese nobility, this fas

cinating fungus has since been utilized by traditional healers as a lung and kidney tonic to treat a host of health issues, from respiratory ailments to physical exhaustion.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cordyceps? 

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are not the only ones who believe in the healing properties of cordyceps mushrooms. Today, there are stacks of evidence supporting the health benefits of this medicinal fungus. 

Improve Athletic Performance

Cordyceps has been shown to improve stamina and athletic performance, as well as reduce fatigue. A study on 20 healthy subjects, aged 50-75, evaluated exercise performance when they were given either cordyceps supplements or a placebo. The analysis revealed there was no reported adverse effects, and an improvement in aerobic performance was noted in those taking cordyceps versus those taking the placebo.

In another study done in 2015, mice given cordyceps for two weeks were found to have enhanced endurance and resistance to fatigue, able to swim for longer periods of time in comparison to mice that were not given the extract. The study also found an improvement in the ability of the heart to pump blood and the lungs to take in oxygen.

Offer Anti-Aging Properties 

Just because the clock is ticking doesn’t mean you can’t slow down the effects of aging. Research has demonstrated that cordyceps has a powerful concentration of anti-aging compounds. In fact, there is some compelling evidence to suggest that this superfood can boost the production of cellular mitochondria—minute structures that provide the cell’s energy—helping to rejuvenate the body and fight the negative signs of aging. 

What’s more, cordyceps helps neutralize oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Perhaps you have heard of the word antioxidant? Well, our bodies naturally make antioxidant enzymes, and cordyceps has demonstrated its ability to boost the performance of these enzymes. That means less cell damage and better cellular repair. All that leads to slowing the aging process of our cells, and thus our bodies.

Boost the Immune System 

The immune system plays an integral role to your overall health. But stress, an unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle choices, medical treatments, and even the natural aging process can all take a toll on proper immune functioning. A weak immune system can lead to frequent colds and flu, fatigue, problems with other body organs, and even cancer. 

Cordyceps can help promote your body’s natural immune response to fight off infections, illnesses, and prevent disease. There is strong evidence to suggest the active ingredients found in cordyceps and its products have been shown to boost immunity and enhanced antioxidant enzyme activities. 

Support a Healthy Liver 

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. Responsible for over five hundred chemical functions, the liver aids digestion, detoxification, regulation of blood circulation, storage of vitamins and minerals, and so much more!

Cordyceps mushrooms have been shown to promote a healthy liver. A study of 33 cases of chronic hepatitis B patients treated with cultured cordyceps had exhibited some very promising results. After taking cordyceps, the subjects showed an improvement in liver functioning, as well as an increase in immune response. 

Increase Libido 

Cordyceps mushrooms have long been used to boost sex drive. A study performed on men with low libido showed a 64.5% subjective improvement. A further study verified cordyceps efficacy as an effective sexual stimulant and performance enhancement in both men and women.

Additional research has shown an increase in the total number of sperm, the percentage of motile sperm cells, and serum testosterone in subjects who had taken this supplement. 

How to Take Cordyceps

Eating cordyceps mushrooms as a food won’t deliver the proper number of bio-active compounds. To enjoy all the health benefits that these miraculous mushrooms have to offer, take cordyceps in an extract powder form, such as capsules.  

How to Choose Cordyceps cordyceps mushroom supplements

Choosing the right cordyceps supplements can be challenging. With so many brands on the market, it can be difficult to find the highest quality products if you don’t know what to look for. When searching for the best cordyceps supplements, make sure the mushroom extracts are independently tested and verified pure by 3rd party accredited labs.
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