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Boost Your Gut and Brain Health With Mushroom Extracts 

How to Improve Your Gut and Brain Health With Mushroom Extracts 

The brain and gut connection in the body is a powerful one. You would think that all of the organs which make up each system would function separately, but that’s not the case. Scientists and doctors for a long time have known that your gut essentially acts as a second brain. That’s just one of the ways the “gut-brain” connection is important. 

There are many other ways these organs are connected, which is why it’s always good to look for easy methods to boost your gut and brain health. We know about a very special type of extract that can help improve your health. It’s made of mushrooms. Mushroom extracts in different varieties from The Brainfood Mushroom Company are a powerful and innovative way to improve your health based on the natural ancient medicines. Optimal health and wellness is the goal with mushroom extracts. Let’s look at how your gut and brain health can be improved with these exceptional organic mushroom capsules. 

Brain-Gut Communication Methods 

In diving deeper into the gut-brain connection, both of these parts of your body, the gastrointestinal tract (gut) and the central nervous system (brain), send messages back and forth to each other. It happens by hormonal chemicals and neurotransmitters that pass information all throughout your body. The communication is called the gut-brain axis. These biochemical messages can be affected by a variety of factors that will influence the health and wellness of your brain and gut. 

Bacteria and viruses especially can affect the gut microbiome. When your gut isn’t healthy, it’s going to put a strain on your brain health as well. That’s why it’s important to have a diet and lifestyle that promotes wellness to include consuming foods rich in antioxidants, probiotics, fermented foods, and plant-based fruits and vegetables that are high in beneficial polyphenols. Polyphenols benefit the body by preventing disease and keeping the body healthy. 

Mushroom Extracts Have High Levels of Polyphenols 

The great news is that brainfood mushrooms have high levels of polyphenols. You can get more of these beneficial mushrooms into your diet by taking them through mushroom extracts that will boost both your gut and brain health. 

These mushroom extracts are created with a unique process. The Brainfood Mushroom Company does this by pulverizing organic mushrooms, extracting the water content, powderizing them, and finally hand-pressing the extracts into easy-to-swallow vegan capsules. 

They come in several types created from different mushrooms like Lions Mane, Reishi, and Chaga. 

Lion's Mane Mushroom ExtractsMushroom Extracts That Contribute to a Healthy Lifestyle

The Brainfood! Focus (Lion’s Mane) is going to help with a focus surrounding clarity of thought and cognitive function. That’s where your brain health is improved. When looking at what Lion’s Mane does for the gut, it’s going to relieve gastritis and improve the immune system. And voila! There is the gut-brain connection at work again. By taking the Brainfood! Focus (Lion’s Mane) mushroom extract capsules you are gifted with a healthier gut, so that it can send better signals of wellness to your brain. 

Brainfood! Calm (Reishi) helps to get rid of harmful toxins in the blood and enhances immune regulation which produces a positive immune system response in the body. Once again this type of Reishi mushroom supplement gives you a healthier bacteria level in your stomach to positively influence your brain. 

Brainfood! Immu-Boost (Chaga) also works to stimulate the immune system, is an antiviral, and can reduce inflammation in the gut. That reduction of inflammation is said to help prevent damage from occurring in your body that may contribute to disease. Chaga Mushroom Supplements

That’s just a tiny sample of how mushroom extracts can improve the gut-brain health connection in your body. Feel free to check out our website at The Brainfood Mushroom Company to explore our full line of beneficial mushroom extracts. You’ll be glad you did.

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