The WOOD LOVERS substrate blend – 2.5kg

Substrate Blend 1:

The Brainfood WOOD LOVERS Mix is the perfect recipe of soy hulls and hardwood sawdust, pasteurized and ready to use for your wood lover mushroom strains.

2.5kg Zipper Bag


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Additional Information

We call this beautiful substrate our WOOD LOVERS mix. It is a preferred substrate with mycologists. It is nutritionally balanced to assure you of a high biological efficiency (the ratio of the dry weight of substrate to the harvest of fresh mushrooms).

This easy to use mushroom superfood really packs a punch. It is pre-sterilized and will only need a small amount of spawn in each bag to colonize your selected strain.  For many varieties of mushroom, this is the best growth medium imaginable. All you do is add water and mix, then add this to your favorite grow bag. Some of our growers have reported gains in their flushes at least double the size, and that the mushrooms appear healthier as well.

Recommended for these strains of mushroom:





Lions mane

and more