Mushroom Petri Dishes (x5)- Prepared and ready to use

Pre-poured and ready to use mushroom petri dishes!

Now you can explore mushroom propagation without the equipment needed to properly to prepare your agar. Brainfood’s blank agar petri dishes are ready to be inoculated.

Our agar formula comes sterilized in a 100x15mm petri dish and sealed with parafilm. We recommend you leave your agar Petri dishes in the packaging and store in the refrigerator until ready to use (up to 3 months after receiving). 5 Count

Also available with black Agar (activated charcoal) and multiple colours.


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Additional Information

Ready to explore the world of mycology? These Mushroom petri dishes are ready-to-use and are a perfect way to work with agar for isolating cultures. The dishes can be inoculated with the mushroom strain of your choice. Each 100x15mm sterilized dish contains our pro agar formula and are sealed with Parafilm.

Storage and Usage for Mushroom Petri Dishes

Store your unused dishes upside down in the refrigerator (preferred) or in a cold room. It’s best to keep them in their original container to prevent contamination.

It If condensation occurs in the plates it means there is a heat source driving out water from the agar and can dry it out quickly. Plates should be equalized to room temperature before use.