Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe (10cc)

10cc Syringe with ready-to-inoculate, Pure Mushroom Liquid Mycelium

Available Strains:

  • Blue Oyster
  • Pearl Oyster
  • Pink Oyster
  • King Oyster
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Shiitake

Our mushrooom liquid culture syringe Includes: 1x Liquid Culture Syringe, 1x Sterile 18ga needle, 1x Alcohol Swab. Spores are provided in sterile aqueous solution.




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Additional Information

Mushroom Liquid Culture Syringe

Choosing the source of your mushrooms genetics is the first and most important step in growing your own mushrooms. Brainfood Mushrooms offers ready-to-inoculate, pure mushroom culture of many popular medicinal and gourmet mushroom species. We maintain stock of these species for use as inoculum into bulk substrates.

It’s all about the genetics

As we humans age, we become less vital and more susceptible to disease. The same can be said about mushrooms strains. At The Brainfood Mushroom Company we keep it fresh by staying as close as we can to their wild genetic origins. This attention to the genetic history of our strains is what gives our cultures the greatest vitality assuring you of the biggest yields and greatest resistance to disease.

Our mushroom liquid culture syringe is a sterile nutrient-rich broth that contains fragmented mycelium. The mycelium is in tiny pieces suspended in a sterile liquid. Our premium liquid cultures are only prepared from an isolated strains.

When growing from SPORES you will need 2 spores to ‘germinate’ and start growing the mycelium. The mushrooms that will grow from this union are unique. A spore syringe will germinate and produce various strains that will produce random results. Using a multi-spore syringe is effective but the final product can be inconsistent. If using MYCELIUM you are creating a clone of the chosen donor and will produce more consistent results. Brainfood’s high-quality liquid cultures are prepared from isolated strains. Unless you want to create you own strain most people prefer to use mycelium since it is further along in the growing process and more predictable.

So, now you know the difference. Also, you know that a true liquid culture prepared from an isolated strain will produce consistent results. A spore syringe will germinate and produce various strains that will produce random results. Don’t settle for the mix spore genetics (AKA: spore dust) that some sites sell if you want good results. Going multispore is always a roll of the dice.