Mushroom Grow kits

Brainfood mushrooms have applied our super strong mushrooms genetics to our own blend of substrate to create these great mushroom grow kits. Easy and fun to grow. In as little as a few weeks you will have an abundance of tasty and nutritious mushrooms. These 2.5kg kits can produce two three pounds of mushrooms or more! Available in these strains: Pink, Elm, King, Blue, Pearl Chestnut oyster, Lion’s mane, Shiitake and Reishi. And once your kits have completed their flushes you can add the left-over substrate to your garden. It’s a great addition to the soil and very often more mushrooms will grow the next season.

PLEASE NOTE: These kits DO NOT ship outside of Canada, sorry.


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Additional Information

Easy to grow, great to eat! Grow your own mushrooms with these kits from the Brainfood Mushroom Company. It’s simple. We send you one of amazing kits, you prepare the grow bag per the enclosed directions, mist and watch them grow. It doesn’t stop at your first flush (first batch of mushrooms) either. Once the kit has been harvested just soak the bag, drain and watch the magic happen again. And again. And maybe again in your garden!

PLEASE NOTE: These kits DO NOT ship outside of Canada, sorry.