Big Flush Grain Spawn Medium – 2.5kg bag

Prepared, sterilized organic rye grain. All you need to add is the mushroom culture of your choice. Check out our great selection and get growing.


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Additional Information

Brainfood’s Spawn Medium has been developed over years of experimentation, and contains ample nutrients/minerals, proper pH levels (when hydrated with pH 7.0 water), and exceptional water-retention capacity.

Rye grain berries are unequivocally the best medium for spawning mushrooms, as they can hold more water than any other grain (this is important because mushroom fruiting bodies are 90% water), Insect Frass provides “dung-loving” mushroom species (like magic mushrooms) with optimal nitrogen levels and microbial content, while Calcium Sulphate balances pH and prevents clumping of the grain.

This product is sold in a Sac02 mushroom grow bag.

2.5kg bag